To my disappointment, Real Madrid are indeed get closer and closer to signing Di Maria from Benfica. Reports say that Real Madrid medical staff were in south Africa yesterday to finalize Di Maria’s medical condition.

But looking at Di Maria’s performance in the World Cup in the only match Argentina have played so fat, he looked flat. Another performance like that for him will surely get him to warming the bench for the rest of the World Cup. He was no where neat Spectacular which Maradonna said he is.

I don’t know exactly why Messi recommended Di Maria to Barcelona either. May be there is soemthing more to Maria then just a young winger who knows how to play with the ball along the wings. From what I have seen of him in the Portuguese league, he likes to dribble and then crosses the ball into the box.

That is not Real Madrid’s mentality, though I don’t know what Mourinho plans to do with Real Madrid next season but I have not seen Real Madrid play this kind of a style.

Anyway, Da Maria’s poor performance in his first match at the World Cup (that could also be the reason!!) seems to have not deterred Real Madrid’s intensity in signing Di Maria and I think we should expect thedealto finalized within the next few days.

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One other thing I want to address and that is people being against the signing of Gerrard. All sorts of reasons are being brought up. Mostly, there is a problem about his age? Well. If Real Madrid can pay 65 million for Kaka, aged 28 now then how come 40-50 million for Gerrard is going to be too much?

I don’t think that logic makes sense. Second, reason people are mentioning is about his role in the team. Where would Mourinho fit him in?

Since we are also signing Di Maria, we are even more short on space. Assuming Mourinho plays 4-3-3 for the nextseason.Thenthefront3positionwould