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Interesting fact: Kaka made a staggering number of passes in his first season with Real Madrid (in which he got sidelined as well for quite a few matches), total number of passes being 1145.

Position: Attacking Midfielder

Weight: 82 kg

Height: 185.6 cms

Age: 28

Nationality: Brazilian

Preferred foot: Right

Full Name: Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite


Source: Jan Solo (flickr)

  • Deceptively quick
  • Difficult to mark
  • Leadership Skills
  • Shooting
  • Passing
  • Composure
  • Big Match player
  • Vision
  • Two Footed
  • Accuracy in Passing and Shooting
  • Consistency
  • Team player
  • Dribbling


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  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Fitness
  • Injury Prone (since a couple of years)
  • Heading
  • Free kicks
  • Dead ball situation


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First things first. Kaka is a complete attacking midfielder. He is feared throughout Europe for his deceptive speed, his shooting power and his skills in one on one situations with the defenders.

Source:Xn44 (flickr)

Helikes to control the tempo of the game, much like Zidane. Zidane usually used to slow down the game to his pace while Kaka mostly speeds it up to his liking.

Pretty religious man, tries to stay out of the spot light. Does not cause too much controversies in the media and generally is a humble guy though in the training during world cup 2010, he had a bust up with Fillipe Melo.

Melo reportedly tackled him hard in a practice game and kaka did not like that. Afterwards both said that there are no problems.

We are pretty lucky to have Kaka playing for us. In his younger days he suffered a serious spinal injury during a swimming pool accident. It was considered as life threatening and is stillblamedforhis