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I know the world cup has just started and everyone including all the players and respective club management are busy watching it, for whatever purpose but this is just crazy.

One day ago, reports said that the deal for Angel Di Maria is completed and he has told his friends that he has signed for Real Madrid and the very next day Benfica state that there has been no negotiations and infact, they only came to know about the interest in the said athlete through the news channels.

This is absurd considering what Real Madrid fans (such as myself) were considering just 24 hours ago. We were basically thinking, why the hell we payed so much for a such a player and why have we again sold some of our very best youth talents in exchange for Angel Di Maria.

I am still hopeful that Real Madrid might pull out of this deal (if there is one, according to Benfica there is not)andsave up some cash.

Instead, use a youth team player, something which I so much want to see. I want to another Raul or Guti (ok not really Guti, as in someone with the same technical prowess as Guti) coming into the first team to make a mark.

Plus it always gives satisfaction to the fans if a youth team player develops into a star or even a cheap BOUGHT player becomes into a star. Some examples would be Higuain and Marcelo. Not to mention Iker Casillas. Real Madrid’s greatest signing I