Seriously you kidding me?

I was going through the regular news sections found an interesting interview. Before I get to that, let me just tell you that I am totally used to reading stuff about how Messi is better than Ronaldo or how Ronaldo is better than Messi and quite frankly, I am comfortable with the fact that Messi might be, afterall, better than Ronaldo.

But this is something absurd to be honest. A former youth coach of Arsenal forward Van Persie has said that Persie MIGHT not be at the same level as Messi (thank him for graciously admitting that) but he is DEFINITELY better than Cristiano Ronaldo.

I don’t know whether he did this for media coverage or to be the butt of the many jokes people are going to make about him all over the world.

But let me tell you, he might be somewhat right. Van Persie has shown patches of play where he looks to be as good as any player on the planet.

I was about to write this post with the title “Van Persie definitely not good as Ronaldo” and as usual, went about finding some stats and watched some of his new and old videos just to get a hang of how good Van Persie has become.

I have beenfollowinghis performances but you know, I always considered him (to some extent still do) an Adriano kind of a player. You know, talented but not committed enough to use that talent to the fullest.

But what I strongly disagree with is that Van Persie MIGHT not be as good as Messi, I say he is sure hell not good as Messi. I think this was an important distinction to make, Messi is raw magic, he can do stuff never before seen almost every game.

Anyway, here are the 5 reasons why I think he can be as good as Ronaldo (but not Messi mind you):

  1. He has a rocket of a left foot. The power, pace and accuracyinhisleftfootisdefinitelyup