Real Madrid is not just any club and Angel Di Maria is just another player though the media has it that he has signed for Real Madrid and a deal is imminent as Maria has also told his friends that he has signed for Real Madrid. I must admit I am not a huge fan of this left footed flamboyant winger. Here is why I think Real Madrid should not buy this guy.

  1. He is a left winger. Shouldn’t we play Ronaldo over there. Don’t know how would these two work out.
  2. His price tag is a bit too much for a player of his quality. I know he can do some fancy tricks but a price in the region of 40 million euros is nowhere near justified
  3. Not the kind of player Mourinho likes I think. He is not the type of player who attacks and defends as well. Mourinho loves these kinds of players.
  4. Mourinho himself said that Angel Di Maria might be a superstar in Portuguese league but La Liga is a different beastaltogether.
  5. Hedoes not score many goals. Yes he is a winger but so was Ronaldo till he started scoring loads of them.
  6. Good dribbler of the ball but sometimes gets lost on what to do after beating a player.
  7. Ricardo Quaresma would have been a better choice given his head is right. Inter will probably sell him for less than that money because of his awful form for Inter. He was also a hit in Portuguese League but was and probably is, a