Ramos. Though it is true that he can play in the center of defense as well but is far more effective when he is given the right back role. We can easily save the Maicon money and spend it somewhere else to buy a relatively younger and cheaper player for an area which really needs to be strengthened. Giorgio Chiellini, is a player that comes to mind. He probably will not cost that much and is younger plus he is a good solid central defender. Real Madrid is in dire needofa good central defender who can defend air balls well. Most of all Chiellini wants to leave Juventus if reports are to be believed and the attraction of playing for Real Madrid might be too much for Chiellini to continue his career with Juventus.

So this is why I think Real Madrid should not go for Maicon. Obviously, I would go for him if in the end Real Madrid are not going to sign anyone for our defense or maybe Mourinho thinks that this is the best solution ie to play Ramos in the center of defense and Maicon at right back. Deadly combination, both have great speed and sense for the game though Maicon is a bit too attacking for my liking.

Anyway, what do you guys think, should Real Madrid really go for Maicon given his age and price tag plus the fact that we already have a right back? Should Real Madrid even go for Gerrard given his age (he is 30 now) or should we try to sign Fabregas? Let me know your thoughts.

As always I am all ears now waiting for your comments. HALA MADRID!!!!