Now, I know Maicon (a top of the list Real Madrid target) is one of the best right backs in the world if not the best right back in the world.

He is, according to Jose Mourinho, the complete right back defender and was one of his key players in his treble winning Inter Milan side where Maicon, in many matches, was the star player for Inter Milan as he created a lot from the right side of the field.

Obviously, Inter Milan will not let Maicon leave for easy money but we know Real Madrid can go crazy over some of the players that are hot in the market. No player is perfect and thus Maicon is not a perfect player, in fact not only he is not a perfect player, but this supposed deal (Real Madrid buying Maicon) is far from being perfect and here is why:

  1. Inter Milan have slapped a price tag of somewhere between 30-50 million on Maicon which is obviously too much for a defender, even of Maicon’s class. It just makes no sense. Basically Inter Milan want Real Madrid to stay away from their defenderbutReal Madrid as we all know, can pay crazy money (and then sell the same player for one third of the buying price a season later)
  2. Maicon is going to be 29 in 10 days or so. Not the youngest player on the market it has to be said. Given his age and the time it generally takes players to adapt to the extremely different style of football in La Liga we might as well have to wait till Maicon is above 30 to showcase his true form and usefulness to the team.
  3. We have, in my opinion, the best right backintheworldrightnowinSergio