I do not normally go on rants against rivals but Barcelona have been working really hard, just before the World Cup 2010, to make me do that. There has been a lot of transfer speculation, as always, the majority share has been of Real Madrid and Liverpool. On the World Cup side, there the players who are getting injured are making all the headlines which ultimately hurts the reputation of the tournament not that 5 injured players would make the World Cup any less interesting and exciting, it still remains a World Cup no matter what happens.

Anyway, I think Barcelona have always been rude to Real Madrid. They make rude comments about Real Madrid in the press from the start of the season till the end and even in the summer (the off season) Barcelona do not let their morale go down and bad mouth about Real Madrid some more. Here are reasons why this practice of Barcelona’s absolutely sucks.

  1. They always try to hijack Real Madrid deals in order to either get the player themselves or just to increase the competition for that particular player which ultimately leads to more money being spent on that particular player. Real Madrid, I do not know if have ever done that. Though it may be possible that Real Madrid and Barcelona have had same targets in mind, sometimes yes but I mean look at this season. Even though Real Madrid had interest in Villa for many seasons, we did not interfere in the deal between Barcelona and Valencia, same the case for the transfer of Daniel Alves few years ago but with Barcelona it is always the opposite. They had shown no interest in Angel Di Maria till they found out that Real Madrid are after his signature and what the first thing Barcelona do? Enter the race to sign the winger. I do not know if they did it on purpose, to inflate the price tag of the player or whether they genuinely wanted the player. Something tells me they did not.
  2. Another thing which absolutely sucks is Barcelona always criticizing Real Madrid about buying big and trying to buy success instead of trying to earn it. Well, first it is none of Barcelona’s business what Real Madrid does do or does not do. It just sucks to see that it is always Barcelona who make big transfer deals before Real Madrid and always get away with it. Yes, Barcelona have made some superb home grown players but what about last season. Real Madrid bought Kaka and Ronaldo for 65 million and 80 million respectively and the whole media erupted. Barcelona criticized Real Madrid of inflating the market but did not care or bother themselves to explain the price they payed for the flamboyant but useless Ibrahimovic.
  3. Barcelona’s former players and coaches are as rude as its management. I have not seen one Barcelona related person (player,coach, president etc) a part from Lionel Messi, who has ever spoken about Real Madrid in a respectful way. They always try to de motivate Real Madrid’s efforts of improving. Such as, I do not exactly remember who but one former Barcelona coach said that he wishes Mourinho gets Real Madrid relegated. Now to me that is no unsportsmanlike like behavior which is a shame.

Now when the news came that Real Madrid are looking to sign Liverpool striker Torres to replace Raul and make up for Benzema’s poor performances, the next thing we hear is Barcelona is in for Torres as well. May I ask, they already have Henry,Ibrahimovic, Messi and now Villa too, why do they want Torres? bewildering.

One other thing I forgot to mention was Real Madrid’s victory last season over Villareal which had a scoreline of 6-2 was one of the finest performances by any Real Madrid side in a away match but guess what? Barcelona had to play it cheap to steal some limelight away from Real Madrid by making another cheap comment (by none other than their president, Joan Laporta). Their President said “I only remember one 6-2”, obviously referring to the drubbing Barcelona gave to Real Madrid last season at Bernabeu. Now I don’t know but have you ever seen a Real Madrid official slating Barcelona for loosing 4-1 a year before that? No.

Anyway, hope Barcelona learn to act in a way that suits their stature in European football.