in the first team.

In other news, Di Maria (Benfica player) is again being linked to Real Madrid. Not only being linked, some media have speculated that the deal has already been agreed and Di Maria is definitely coming to Real Madrid. I am not a big fan of this left footed winger, I have got to be honest. He is a fantastic player but 40 million for him is a bit too much given he is only 22. I think the league he plays in, is not the toughest in the world and there is no justification for his price tag.

Quaresma played like a god in Portuguese league before moving to Inter Milan and played rubbish in Serie A. Was not a hit at Chelsea too (Interloanedhim for a year to Chelsea) but one would say that C.Ronaldo was also a hit at Sporting Lisbon as well as at Manchester United. My answer is yes he was but even he cost Manchester United around 13 million. Not saying Angel Di Maria is worth that little. Times have definitely changed but I think 25 million for Angel Di Maria is probably ok given his talent and usefulness. I would not like to sign him as I want Mourinho to make use of Real Madrid’s youth system a bit more than some of the other past managers of Real Madrid.

Meanwhile, Higuain has signed a contract extension at Real Madrid. Finally, after so much speculation, I really thought something was wrong with Higuain and Perez and Perez might even sell Higuain purely on the fact that Calderon signed him, but thank goodness he has not sold Higuain. Though the sales of Robben and Sneijder remain questionable. Higuain was our top scorer I think in the league and was the 2nd highest goal scorer in La Liga, behind none other than Lionel Messi who had an absolute rout of a season. He routed every team he played against, I know it’s a bit odd to say that a single player routed another team in football but it is the way Messi plays.

This was the news round up. Relief for me after hearing that Higuain situation has been finally solved. Do you think Di maria would be a good buy for Real Madrid if so then why?