Kaka was heavily linked with Chelsea few days ago but now it has emerged that he is excited about working with Mourinho, something which I thought was not something he would have said as Mourinho does not seem too happy with his current midfield at the moment and the arrival of Gerrard and Lampard is only going to worsen Kaka’s situation at Real Madrid. Kaka is quality everybody knows that and there is not a single player in the world who can threaten his position at Real Madrid or at any other club but because of his injuries and bad form for Real Madrid last season plus the way Mourinho plays his sides has lead Kaka to be less of an invincible player than he was at AC Milan.

Kaka also talked about working with Maicon, who still has not signed for Real Madrid but is close according to some people in the media. Ofcourse, Maicon also a Brazilian and very attack minded. Both would be able to combine well with each other though Kaka rarely plays on the same side of the football field as Maicon.

One other thing I really liked in today’s news was that Real Madrid have now stepped into the Fabregas saga with Barcelona which means that we are not just going to let Barcelona have Fabregas without any trouble. Fabregas is an excellent midfield player but I do not know why Mourinho prefers Gerrard over Fabregas. Well, to be honest, I think it is a tough decision, had Gerrard been anywherenearFabregas’s age then it was all Gerrard for me and this would not even been a dicussion of who is better between the two.

But the reality is that Gerrard is old and Fabregas is not, relatively speaking but Real Madrid cannot possibly sign Fabregas as we also have Kaka and Van Der Vaart to play in that position. Talking about Van Der Vaart. Manchester United are interested in signing the dutch player who they value around 20 million. Van der Vaart is another quality player that Real Madrid have in their midfield and it is just sad that he does not really have a future at Real Madrid as the likes of Kaka and obviously, some new player (which Real Madrid are definitely going to sign this summer)havegreatlydiminishedhischancesofplaying