As suspected, almost every other football player’s name is being linked to Real Madrid. Some people are thinking that Jose Mourinho might sign the whole of treble winning Inter Milan starting eleven while others think he will sign Lampard, Gerrard, Rooney, Cole from the premier league.

According to reports Mourinho has told Real Madrid not to persue Wayne Rooney, who reportedly would cost Real Madrid 94 million pounds. Mourinho does not want to offend Alex Ferguson. What the heck is happening here? Why is he being so repectful to Alex Ferguson? Should not Real Madrid come first? It’s not like Real Madrid do not have the funds (or even if we don’t, Real Madrid can loan from a bank as they always do).

I don’t know but this whole Mourinho’s Real Madrid project is already smelling really fishy here or may be it’s just me as Perez might already knew that Mourinho is going to leave Real Madrid no later than the moment Alex Ferguson retires at Old Trafford. Is that the reason for the ESCAPE CLAUSE in Mourinho’s contract or is that the reason why Mourinho is not trying to buy Wayne Rooney too.

I said in my previous post that I thought it was absolutely rubbish that Mourinho would stop Real Madrid from trying to sign Wayne Rooney but now he actually has. May be he has Manchester United so much on his mind that he does not want to weaken Manchester United’s squad in case he has to take over Old Trafford two years later.

I don’t like the fact that we are being played with by Mourinho but what I also don’t like is Real Madrid not winning any trophies.Mourinhois definitely going to win us some trophies that is for sure and may be Perez does have some sort of a plan for Real Madrid after Mourinho.

I find it extremely funny that most people are talking about Mourinho leaving Real Madrid on the day he just signed a contract with Real Madrid but it’s just the way Mourinho works. Infact, when Mourinho said in this interview that he knows the limitations of his strategies with any particular side and the strengths as well, I kind of got the feeling that he might setup Real Madrid’s strength’s and weaknesses to favor Manchester United in case Mourinho has to play Real Madrid in Champions League the same season he leaves Manchester United.

I hope, Alex Ferguson retires next season so Mourinho cannot take up his position immediatelyresultinginManchesterUnitedhiringsomeoneelse