This has come as a bit of a surprise really. There has been a lot of talk about players that Real Madrid along with Jose Mourinho would be bringing into the squad and now, the first player to be mentioned along with the possibility of leaving has also crept up and that player is none other than Kaka.

I have got to be honest with you guys, Kaka was the last player on the whole of this Real Madrid squad that I expected to be related to a transfer this summer. I mean, the guy is a great player, he had a horrible season according to some people but in my opinion performed well whenever he played, certainly not bad enough to be considered as a fringe player at Real Madrid.

Plus, the fact that Real Madrid spent something like 65 million on kaka, it would be a huge mistake to sell him for anything less than that. Kaka is reaching his peak years (yeah, peak years, because according to Zidane, 30 is the age when you are most balanced as a player, physically and technically) and Real Madrid have not seen the best of him, or even close to the best of Kaka the previous season.

We all know the reason for that (apparently, he had hernia and had some issues settling into Spain and the new style of his new team Real Madrid) so it wouldbeextremely unwise to judge him based on his performances last season.

Interestingly, Kaka himself is keen on uniting with his former coach (current Chelsea manager) Carlo Ancelotti and the only way he can do that now is by leaving Real Madrid for Chelsea. The reports say that Kaka has concerns about his role in the team that Jose Mourinho will lead next season and thus would consider a move away from Spain where he has had a torrid time so far.

I don’t know. I mean, Jose Mourinho was quite supportive of Kaka in his interview that I read a couple of days ago where he specially mentioned that Kaka will get backtohisbestunderhisinfluenceand