not turn against Mourinho. Mourinho apparently wants to coach Manchester United in the future and thus wants to maintain good relations between the fans and himself (not to metion, the club) so may be by dropping the bid for Wayne Rooney, Manchester United and its fan base would be, somehow, thankful to Mourinho for leaving their player alone.

That is absurd. Mourinho has not even put a foot in Spain and according to this report, he is already thinking about Manchester United? What does this signal to Perez and general Real Madrid fans?. In other news, it is also reported that there will be a ESCAPE CLAUSE in Mourinho’s contract which would allow him to leave Real Madrid at the end of his 2nd season withRealMadrid (his contract being for 4 years) without any penalty. What is happening here? Real Madrid is no joke here and I do not think that Perez is just going to submit to Mourinho’s every demand.

This is the one thing that worries me the most about Mourinho. His unpredictability. We know he wants to coach Manchester United after Alex Ferguson is gone and according to some people, he has only taken this Real Madrid job to keep himself occupied till Ferguson leaves Manchester United. Whatever is the case, we just want Mourinho to win titles for Real Madrid, nothing else.

But, listening to his interviews, it does give me the feeling that he is not here (at Real Madrid) to make a dynasty (that is something he wants to do at Manchester United), he just wants to win La Liga and Champions League with Real Madrid and then leave. I got this feeling when I read Mourinho talking about setting up a structure that would continue to function after he leaves, he gave Chelsea and Inter Milan as examples of his works, how he laid solid foundations of a strong team at both the clubs and Chelsea continued to perform well in all competitions even when he left Chelsea.

Anyway, a lot of things starting to happen at Real Madrid (which is always the case whenever transfer season opens) and things will continue to get weirder and weirder as time goes by till La Liga starts. I just hope, we don’t end up loosing (as in, loose kaka and get lampard) rather than gaining by Mourinho’s arrival.