Just like a rolling stone down a snowy hill, Kaka leaving Real Madrid rumor is just about to become Marca’s food for mouth for this transfer season. News has broken that the new Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho (presentation due on Monday) is not interested in having Kaka part of his plans at the Bernebeu hence he wants to exchange Kaka with Lampard and Cole. Which would be, once again, as bad a deal as one can make. But, we know that Real Madrid are notorious for making outrageous deals, like selling Robben and Sneijder for half the price for which they were bought a year before (both of them, ended up in Champions League final while Real Madrid once again lost in Round of 16).

Not to mention, paying 80 million for Ronaldo (who thankfully, justified his price tag). Now we bought Kaka for 65 million and I do not think that Lampard and Cole combined are valued anywhere near that. Lampard is old and Cole is a defender. Kaka is younger and obviously more gifted with the ball, though Lampard is kind of a box to box midfield player probably playing at his best level right now.

Mourinho, apparently is really passionate about his time at Chelsea with these two players and wants a reunion and since Kaka has not been able to get settled at Real Madrid, Mourinho thinks perhaps it would be better to have two reunions instead of just one by allowing Kaka to reunite with Carlo Ancelotti (former AC Milan coach and Kaka being a former AC Milan player). Mourinho is known to make bold decisions(suchas selling Robben, his most talented player on, the then, Chelsea squad) but I think this would cross the narrow line between boldness and lunacy.

Pelligrini has laid a good foundation for Jose Mourinho, in terms of getting the squad to gel properly with no tensions in the dressing room and this should be taken advantage of and so, instead of selling more players and bringing in 6 or 7 players, again, it would be better to try and work out something with the current squad which is not the worst in Europe I think.

Talking about rumors, one STUPID STUPID story that I read today (really it was so stupid) was that Mourinho is demanding Real Madrid to drop the bid for Wayne Rooney (Manchester United’s best player for 2009-2010 season)sothattheOldTraffordfaithfuldo