Jose Mourinho has won League titles in 3 different countries namely Portugal (with Porto), England (with Chelsea) and Italy (Inter Milan) and you would not bet against him doing it next season with Real Madrid too as he would have THE ONE MOST IMPORTANT THING HE HAD IN ALL HIS CLUBS save for porto and that is RESOURCES. Plenty of resources to built a squad that he would want in his dreams and to be fair, that is a justifiable demand. Real Madrid spent 250 million for Pelligrini so might as well give Mourinho somewhere near that amount and get all the trophies instead of scoring 96 points in La Liga and still win nothing. Here are my reasons why Real Madrid would win La Liga next season:

  1. We have Mourinho. The guy has not lost a home game in 8 years and knows how to survive in tough leagues. Heknowshow to slay giants and the giant he is going to have to take down is obviously Barcelona which should not be that hard as Real Madrid beat Barcelona 2 seasons ago at the Camp Nou with a team consisting of a bunch of no names so, given Mourinho will have whoever he likes, that should not be too hard.
  2. Mourinho has the intention of doing what I wanted every coach to do for the past 3 seasons. KickGuti