now would be a HUGE HUGE mistake. He has a future at Real Madrid. Kick Raul and Guti out of Real Madrid to make way for these super talented youngsters.

  • Even if Mourinho does take the charge at Real Madrid, what would his relations be like with the Real Madrid hierarchy. We all know that Real Madrid management LOVE to interfere in sporting matters and we also know that Mourinho hates that. It is THE reason why he left Chelsea. Mourinho always wants total control of sporting matters. Who goes and who stays is always decided by Mourinho wherever he is coached. Perez on the other hand always wants to bring in star players and is always on the lookout for a puppet coach who would not question his wisdom in signing players that are not of urgent need. Pelligrini is the prime example of that. Mourinho is so not cool with this type of attitude from the management and Valdano has already started to say NOT SO ENCOURAGING things about Mourinho.
  • Letusassume for second that Mourinho does INDEED win everything with Real Madrid inside the first two years of his contract then what would happen after that?. We know Mourinho is a mercenary, he goes to work, he gets paid, he achieves his goal and then he sets out for another goal. He is not Alex Ferguson. Real Madrid is not a club which would settle for two or three year glory. I know, every coach must leave one time or another but, considering the amount of money Real Madrid would spend in order to satisfy Mourinho, I think he should at least stay at the club or 5 or 7 years which I do not think has ever happened in the history of Real Madrid so my advice to Real Madrid fans would be to not to get too excited if Mourinho wins the Champions League for Real Madrid as you can bet he will not be staying at a club where he has achieved everything there is to achieve.
  • This one is probably the most talked about and as far as I think, one of the most important one and that is the style of play. Capello would tell you that style and flair DOES matter at Real Madrid no matter what the situation. Don’t get me wrong but I say to heck with style as long as we are winning trophies but its just something with the people watching the match inside Bernabeu do not get and start booing the team which plays with efficiency as opposed to flair and uncertainty. I do not whats wrong with them. I, for one, want trophies first and style later. Sadly, many do not share my belief and this is one of the more serious issues that should be looked into either before or after signing Jose Mourinho.
  • What do you guys think? Mourinho is definitely right man for the job for now but will he be loyal to Real Madrid or will Real Madrid be loyal to Mourinho and not sack him as Real Madrid sacked Capello after a successful season without any style? What would you take? No trophy with a lot of style or trophies without any style and flair?