Jose Mourinho is all but set to sign for Real Madrid after he negotiates his contract termination with Inter Milan and there has been a lot of talk about his role at Real Madrid and how would he revolutionize this Real Madrid team into a treble winning side thus returning Real Madrid to the pinnacle of European football which many believe lost quite a few years ago.

Real Madrid have tried and tested people from all over the globe and now have had to come to the best in order to be the best. Mourinho is the best there is no question about it. Though Bojan Krkic thinks otherwise, but Mourinho is the best. Yes, Guardiola won 6 titles in a single year with Barcelona but one must consider the fact that he had in his side, probably the greatest player of all time in Lionel Messi, the greatest striker of the last decade in Henry. The current best striker in the world Samuel Eto’o and a midfield trio of Xavi, Iniesta and Toure who are also amongst the best in the world. Barcelona’s back four is also the best in the world with Daniel Alves and Abidal playing as right and left backs respectively.

Both are arguably the best in the world in their respective position and in the center of defense he had Carlos Puyol who we all know is quite a handful so though Guardiola played his part in winning things for Barcelona, one must not forget that his cause was greatly helped by these fantastic individuals, his job was (at it’s simplest) to unite the squad and make them into a team. I wonder why people call Real Madrid the GALACTICOS when Barcelona have the best side in all of Europe.

Anyway, coming back to my original reason for writing today. I just want you guys to have a look at what worries me, if Mourinho does take the helm at Real Madrid, these are:

  1. First one is quite obvious, what IF Mourinho DOES NOT deliver?. Best coach in the world given the best squad in the world SHOULD deliver but there is always a possibilityoffailure and I think Real Madrid have no plan for that. Most, if not all, Real Madrid fans think that bringing Mourinho means, bringing in European glory but I say what IF, just what IF!! he does not deliver in his first season (you all know, the first season rule at Real Madrid “Win or You’re FIRED!!”. If Mourinho does not win things quickly, then quite frankly, I do not even know myself what Real Madrid would do. He is our only option I think (apart from bringing in Capello and sacking him a third time after he wins the league title for the 3rd time in his first season in charge).
  2. What would be the future of the current Real Madrid players. Almost all (apart from kaka and Benzema) are well and truly established at Real Madrid and if reports are to be believed then as usual there will be a remake of this squad and if Mourinho does bring in star players like Lampard, Gerrard and Torres then where would they fit in?. May be Real Madrid are planningtosellBenzemawhichItellyou