The Dutch Boys

Since it is the transfer season, as expected I have been obsessed about the possible recruitments that Real Madrid would make this season since Perez is around, you can be sure that at least ONE galactico will be signed every season. The players I have chosen today for my VS series belong to the dutch clan. Van Der Vaart who plays for Real Madrid and Sneijder who used to play for Real Madrid and sensationally is being linked to Real Madrid again as he tries to follow his mentor (Jose Mourinho) back to the Bernabeu.

Both are extremely talented players and have been an integral part of Netherland National team since they stepped onto the scene. Real Madrid got Van Der Vaart on the cheap by signing him for 13 million euros from Hamburg 2 years ago and Sneijder was bought for around 40 million euros the previous year but was sold last year which I related to in my previous post as a big mistake as he was just starting to develop into a world class midfielder which he showed by being an instrumental figure in Inter Milan’s success both in the league and the Champions League.

Wesley Sneijder

Age: 25

Height: 5 ft 7 in

Preferred foot: Right but can play exceptionally well with the left too

Position: Attacking Midfielder


  • short passing
  • long passing
  • lobs
  • long shots
  • accuracy
  • vision
  • creativity
  • Power
  • Ball control
  • Free kicks
  • Corners
  • Discipline
  • a true TEAM player


  • Strength
  • Header
  • Little defender beating tricks


Sneijder is a player who has evolved a lot in the past 4 or 5 years. When he was at Ajax he was much more selfish then he is right now though I think he is now even more of a team first me later kind of player than he was at Real Madrid. May be Mourinho was got to do something with that. At Ajax Sneijder used to showcase he array of skills to the full, he used to take on defenders, he used to run a lot and used to take shots at the target whenever he got the opportunity. He put some leash on this while he was playing at Real Madrid where he started to pass a bit as well along with shooting skills.

But at Inter Milan it was completely changed. Now he rarely takes shots at goal and always tries to set up a teammate who may be at a better positiontoscore a goal rather than trying for glory himself. Sneijder is a midfield General though on the shorter side, he does not get muscled around on the field but is not a Samuel Eto,o by any stretch of imagination.

He can play with both feet, passing at will to anyone with either foot. His long shots, I think is his specialty though at Ajax it looked like long shots would be his specialty because of the power and accuracy he had in his boots, when he came to Real Madrid a lot people compared his power to Roberto Carlos’s shots and we all know that no one hits the ball as hard as Roberto Carlos but I tell you, Sneijder is not far behind in that respect either.

Sneijder likes to play just behind the striker where he has the freedom to unleash his creativity with his passing and his nice little one two’s in the midfield to open up tight defenses. To play at a position that Sneijder plays in, one must have a extremely good first touch and above average ball control. Sneijder showed that he had both in this year’s Champions League against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge where the pitch always seems to be filled with sand with no continuity at all.

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