Mourinho did the treble for Inter on Saturday night

Ok, onto my “ONE OF THE FAVORITE” sections. Today it’s all about the masterminds behind these big multi million dollar football clubs successes, coach vs coach, Pelligrini vs Jose Mourinho.

I do not think that there is anything to this argument (you could argue as to why am I then writing this post in the first place) Jose Mourinho is clearly the best coach in the world by quite some margin though his teams do not play the kind of football that Barcelona plays and the kind of football that Madrid fans like to see Real Madrid play and you should NEVER underestimate the influence of Real Madrid fans because it is the fans at Real Madrid who decide which coach stays and which coach goes not the amount of trophies a coach wins Real Madrid.

If you do not believe me, look at what happened to Fabio Capello. The guy has been sacked by Real Madrid twice in two seasons, both times he won the league for Real Madrid by beating the likes of Barcelona and Valencia and both times fans complained that his style of play was not what Real Madrid represented.

Anyway, stats speak for themselves.

When Inter wins, everyone attributes it to Mourinho. When Real Madrid wins, nobody attributes it to Pelligirini

Mourinho vs Pelligrini

  • Is 47 years old and has won nearly everything with every club he has coached. Pelligrini on the other hand is 57 years old and has won just about nothing in his managerial career. One could argue the case for Pelligrini that Mourinho always has had a good set of players in his squad but that arguement could have had a weight till last year not thisyear as atReal Madrid, Pelligrini had virtually infinite resources at Real Madrid and Perez himself bought Pelligrini players that any coach in the world would dream of having in a side and still Pelligrini could not deliver. I do not care what anyone says about Real Madrid loosing by a slender margin or that we won 96 points, lost only due to the excellence of Barcelona. All these are excuses. Point is, he DID NOT WIN anything and that is that, the rest of the story does not matter and that is exactly why Pelligrini will get the sack for sure and hopefully will be replaced by Jose Mourinho.
  • Mourinho has won the Champions League twice and barely lost it a couple of times with Chelsea while Pelligrini has literally won nothing. He did take Villareal to the semi finals of the Champions League once but apart from that, he has never been a winner.
  • Mourinho has way more charisma then Pelligrini. Mourinhoprobablyattractsmoremediaattentionthenany