Messi wins the title for Barcelona with 47 goals for the season

Ok, the season is over but the hype up for the next season is just about to roll. Real Madrid barely lost the league title 2 weeks ago when Barcelona won their game comprehensively while Real Madrid drew theirs to find themselves two points short of Barcelona and thus the Blaugrana were crowned the Champions of Spain.

There were a couple of things that hurt me about the Barcelona win. One was obviously that Barcelona ended up having 99 points and Real Madrid 96 in think, which is unbelievable, if you are still going to get to second place by scoring 96 then hats off to the number 1 in my opinion.

Anyway, the second thing that hurt me about Barcelona win was that Messi scored twice and thus ended up with 47 goals which is just insane. Why do I give a damn? I give a damn because that is EXACTLY the amount of goals Ronaldo (the big Ronaldo) who is ofcourse one of the greatest strikers of all time scored in his first and only season with Barcelona but Ronaldo gets a little edge as Ronaldo did not have the quality of teammates that Messi had this season apart from that, he scored 47 from 49 games and Messiscored47 in 53 games, which though insane, does not match up to Ronaldo’s Record.

And while I am at the point of discussing Ronaldo and Messi, here comes another interesting fact. Our brother, Cristiano Ronaldo (in his first season in the Spanish league and also with Real Madrid) scored 33 goals from 35 games even though he was injured for quite a chunk of the season. Now, compare that to Messi’s 47 in 53, Ronaldo clearly has the better strike rate.

So Messi may well be on his way into winning another PLAYER OF THE YEAR award but we all know that Ronaldo is very close to him if not equal to him in terms of being athreattotheopponent’sgoal.