he would really imitate his idol in Maradonna.

Real Madrid lost because we all thought that NEO Galacticos were as good as the ORIGINAL Galactico. The reality is that they are not. They are too young and quite frankly, Kaka is not and will never be a Zidane and neither will C.Ronaldo be as effective as Figo or Ronaldo and lets just not even mention the fact that instead of Roberto Carlos (who sometimes won matches for Real Madrid on his own and through his energy levels) we have Marcelo who tactically is the dumbest player on the squad.

Ok, rant over. Coming back to La Liga. 7 games left, 21 points left and according to some optimistic write at www.realmadrid.com, Real Madrid need togetto 98 points to win the league as no other team has ever lost the title with that many points.

I don’t know but Barcelona do not look like a team who would drop points and even if they do, Real Madrid would still have to win their games in order to take advantage and in the past Real Madrid have not done particularly great towards the end of the league season.

One other point. SACK PELLIGRINI and yeah I am jumping the wrecked ship and yeah I know that we should all give him and Real Madrid a bit more time but while the squad is great, Pelligrini is not.

I am not going to start a list of solution here now, just to let you know that I am really upset at the way Real Madrid lost, we had chances but just choked. Messi’s goal, even after the clever bit, was scrappy and even could have been saved by Casillas had the shot been struck properly, Messi kind of like scuffed it and the ball bounced over Casillas.

Second goal was ok but Arbeloa’s pace was again exposed. Lets just hope that the squad’s motivation and confidence level is as high as they themselves (in the interviews on www.realmadrid.com) say they are. That is the only thing Real Madrid should currently work on and I think the squad has enough experience with these sort of situations already so it should not be a problem.

I want to hear your thoughts on this, what do you think? Were Real Madrid the worst of the two sides or did Barcelona beat Real Madrid on merit?