As many of my readers know that I get straight to the point without any INTRODUCTORY paragraphs and the point I want to get to quickly is that the El Clasico showed why the offside rule sucks and how much Barcelona suck when they used it cleverly against Real Madrid despite being the HEX CHAMPS.

Look at Messi’s goal a little more closely when the pass was made by Xavi to, supposedly, Messi both Alves and Pedro were offside. Now I know many of the Barcelona fans would say that they were non active while Messi who touched the ball was active.

That is exactly where the offside rule sucks. I am sure atleast 50 percent of the people who watch soccer would not be able to answer the question of when an offside is an offside? Is the offside instant taken to be the one when the pass is made or when the pass is received ( I know the answer but I am just saying that this rule stinks).

Even a more difficult question would be, what the heck does ACTIVE and NON ACTIVE player means? As far as I am concerned, if a player is on the field then he is not there to inspect the pitch or is he?. He is there to PLAY the MATCH that is being PLAYED, which makes him active. In England the referees are a bit more strict about this than in La liga but still this grey area should be removed.

And how Barcelona exploited it so well is not beyond me. They had Pedro and Alves in an clearly offside position. Look at the replay and you will see that Real Madriddefendersstepped up the line for the offside, little did they know that Messi creeped in between them.

This is unacceptable, you win matches by playing better or by being more efficient or with some luck not through clever tricks. Real Madrid lost the match, I am fine with that but what I am not fine with is the way Barcelona scored their first goal which really set the tone for the remaining match.

And ofcourse, if we are talking about tricks with and without the feet then we are talking about Messi. The guy is a great player no doubt, he scores goals only few can imagine of scoring but when it comes to morals, he is ultra light. He has scored from the hand, from the shirt, has even spit on a black player soifhestartstakingdrugstoothen