Big game coming up this saturday. The media is just filled to the limit with how Barcelona will stop Ronaldo and how Real Madrid will stop Messi. Just a couple of points I wanted to mention here and those are that, Barcelona have no doubt proved that they are the current Champions of the world by beating the likes of Arsenal and Stuttgart with brutality few have seen. Messi has been scoring goals all on his own and has been the star man for Barcelona which has both its positives and negatives. For a start, lets consider the dependency on Messi.

Since Messi is not the best player in the world OFF the ball if Real Madrid can cut his supply then we can really beat Barcelona, let alone draw the game. The case is different with Ronaldo. Ronaldo is probably equally good both with the ball and without the ball due to his style of play. Messi needs the ball to do something with it whereas Ronaldo can do it all on his own and do some tricks to open up some teammates for an opportunity but whether Ronaldo matches Messi in terms of having the composure of performing in big matches is a huge question, of which I have my doubts.

Messi certainly has proved to everyone that he does not choke under any situation, the four goals against Arsenalhadeverything in them. The first one was about performing under pressure when Barcelona were trailing by a goal at home. The second was about keeping it cool inside the box. The third was really testing his composure and nerves with the defenders running behind him and the keeper charging slowly to narrow down the angle. The fourth was probably the best. With no pressure on him, Messi destroyed Arsenal’s defense, turned them upside down, or more like left to right, unbalanced as if they got struck by lighting. The finish in the fourth goal was the only way a goal could have been scored from that position and credittoMessithatheidentifiedthat.