You all must have heard the news that Florentino Perez wants to sell Higuain to make way for another Galactico and because he was bought by Calderon and so Perez does not want any mention of Calderon if Higuain turns out to be one of the star players for Real Madrid in the future to win the club some major silverware. The tabloids also have it that there is some unrest between Higuain and C.Ronaldo so to maintain a good dressing atmosphere Perez wants to get rid of Higuain.

Here are 5 more reasons why Perez would want to sell Higuain:

  1. Higuain may have scored 21 goals but rarely he scores a goal which he creates himself or scores a goal for which one might be tempted to say that Raul would not have scored that. Which basically means that Higuain is no special talent and it is just a matter of his determination and probably luck that he is scoring this many goals. He is like another Kanoute (Sevilla striker) or Darren Bent who plays in the BPL.
  2. Perez is probably killing himself insidebecauseReal Madrid got knocked out in the Champions League and that too by a tier 2 team such as Lyon. Plus, the blame could be put on Higuain as he was the one who missed the open goal opportunity. Perez must have noted his name then.
  3. May be the miss at the Lyon game and several others where Higuain was unable to score at key moments (relatively easy chances) has signalled Perez that Higuain can never be a big game player or a big name player for that matter. Mind you, Higuain has alsoscoredsomecrucialgoalsforRealMadrid