More pain for Ronaldo

Ok. I cannot just remain in a SHUT UP mode after watching it time and time again. The match against Valladolid last weekend really showed where football in general and especially La Liga is going in terms of ethics and moral character of football players.

For those who still do not know what I am talking about, Ronaldo was literally HACKED at every opportunity Valladolid defenders got to the ground. They made horrific fouls on him which should have prompted the referee to produce some red cards but sadly he refused to even take out a single one.

Every Real Madrid player said after the match that Valladolid went over the line in far too many situations and yet the referee could not see what was going on. I know EPL is tough and really physical but the fouls defenders make over there are within the limits of BELIEVABILITY but the fouls on Ronaldo in the Valladolid game were just outrageous.

I would even go on to say that Valladolid players should be jailed for what they did to Ronaldo in that game. Made some bad tackles and BAD probably is an understatement but the most disgusting part is that the referee continued to ignore them all. It was quite clear from the start that Valladolid players were under specific instructions to physically hurt Ronaldo because apparently that is the only way one can stop his attacking venom so what did they do? They fouled Ronaldo not out of necessity or by mistake but they deliberately made tackles that would hurt Ronaldo so that he would get discouraged to receive the ball afterwards in order to protect himself.

You disgust me Nivaldo

The guy I specifically want to talk about is Nivaldo. This guy literallystompedon Ronaldo twice after he grabbed Ronaldo and threw him into the ground. Ronaldo was cut just above and below the knee and the more absurd part is that the referee did not see that and totally dismissed Ronaldo’s claim when Ronaldo showed him the cut he got from Nivaldo’s feet. Disgusting, would probably undermine the magnitude of lowness that Nivaldo went to in that game.

I mean, I cannot believe how Real Madrid are letting go of this situation as I think they should appeal to the FA to either show Nivaldo a red card or ban him for some games and if I was in charge I would ban him for atleast a year with no salary as what he did is unacceptable from a professional and even from a human being.

He has set a bad example for the kids and for the society as general and these sort of things do affect people when they see their heroes doing things like that they tend to think that it is just normal to do that inbusinessandhencetheyadoptthis”