ofpotential.Peoplewhodonotknowwhat I am talking about, just watch Chelsea vs Inter Milan Champions League Round of 16 2010 which took place couple of days ago and look for the player named Sniejder. Just the kind of player Real Madrid are missing at the moment because Alonso is not performing.

And remember Real Madrid payed heavily for Xabi Alonso whereas Sniejder would have been a perfect fit in this Real Madrid system and at no extra cost. He is also younger than Xabi and his work ethic is better. I do not believe that Florentino Perez signed Xabi because of his star power. I think it was more because he wanted to make the side a bit more Spanish than it was before and for that he was ready to do some horrific trading of players, like in case of Sniejder and Robben.

There was no need of Arbeloa. These five words are sufficient for a player of his calibre. Not Real Madrid stuff I have to say

[captionid=”attachment_1470″align=”aligncenter” width=”470″ caption=”It would have been difficult not impossible to fit him and Ronaldo in the same team “][/caption]

Robinho is another player I think would have had a bright future at Real Madrid because of the system Real Madrid play in and also the pace at which La Liga generally play. It is perfectly suited to his game and Robinho showed us that he can be the best player in the world if given enough confidence towards the end of his Real Madrid days and even though Real Madrid got a pretty good deal out of Robinho but I still think that with Cristiano Ronaldo and Robben on the wings and Robinho as the striker (his original position) in the center would have made for an awesome three for Real Madrid and could have rivaled Barcelona’s Henry, Ibra and Messi.

Sadly, Robinho was also shipped out of Real Madrid for non sporting reasons and that is the irritating part. Players are being sold for reasons that are not related to their job which is so unlike Barcelona. Barcelona sold Ronaldinho because he was not performing and sold Eto’o because he was having some trouble with the coach. I cannot really say that Robinho has been the same player he was towards the end of his stint at Real Madrid but he has certainly showed glimpses of his true talent in the BPL as well.

If you want further proof just look at his performance against Barcelona to see that on his day he could very well match Messi.

Anyway, whats done is done and now we have Ronaldo, Kaka and Benzema to look forward too.

What do you guys think? Was Perez right to sell these 3 future stars and splash millions on Kaka, Ronaldo and Benzema? I would love to hear your thoughts and as always, after my every post what do I do? I sit and wait for your comments. Talk to me!!.