Not the best when it comes to selling players

I was looking through the list of players that Real Madrid brought in this summer and the list of players Real Madrid sold this summer. Both the lists are relatively long but here is the catch, every GOOD player Real Madrid has sold this summer has gone on to do good things with the teams they have ended up with. Now whether that is because they had more motivation to show Real Madrid’s lack of vision to see them as good players or whether that is actually because they were not being able to adapt to the Real Madrid system (more like what has happened to Henry at Barcelona).

The 3 players I want to talk about at Wesley Sniejder who ended up at Inter Milan, Robben who ended up at Bayern Munich and one of the older transfers in Robinho who ended up at Manchester City.

Robben has truly shined with Bayern Munich and has shown that he has what it takes to be the best

Robben as we all know has overshadowed the likes of Ribery at Bayern Munich with his blistering runs in the Bundesliga. Ribery, of course the man that Real Madrid want and someone I do not want. I just do not think he would fit into the Real Madrid system. We need a player like Gerrard or some good defender. We have the quality upfront. Anyway, I think selling Robben was a mistake and that can be evidently seen when Pellegrini plays Marcelo or Lassana Diarra on the left and right hand side of the field.

He has been mesmerizing the defenders there too just like he did in La liga and the Barclays Premier League. It would have been a lethal combination of him and C.Ronaldo had he stayed or in other words, hadhe notbeen sold.

Robben though I think has learnt a lot from his Real Madrid days. For one, he is now wearing some kind of a knee support all the time, may be that has got to do with his not so stable knees but I have to add that though he is capable to making great runs through the midfield into the penalty area, the end product is zero more often than not. That was evident even in his Real Madrid days and can be seen even now, with Bayern Munich.

Sneijder when in form is a complete midfield general and Mourinho has realised that

Sniejder is another player who has been performing well in the Champions League for Inter Milan and one of those guys who I think should never have been sold. Guti should have been sold instead of him. Raul should have been kicked out instead of him. He is young and is full