Real Madrid won their 8th consecutive match the league thanks to some fantastic goals by Cristiano Ronaldo (his free kick did take a slight deflection but who cares) and a hatrick by Gonzalo Higuain (after his Lyon miss, I only want to punch him) but along with that, Barcelona also won their home game against ten men Valencia. Lionel Messi produced some of the most magical form of football ever seen and even lead to some people saying that he is way way better than the current competition. He scored 3 goals, 3 individual goal which he made and scored himself from nothing.

I would be surprised if anyone else but Messi gets the next FIFA player of the year award because the 3 goals he scored that night against Valencia alone should give anyone ample proof that he is the best attacking player in the world. Anyway, coming back to the topic (if there is one).

On the weekend I was watching a little bit of English Premier League. It was Manchester City vs Sunderland I think and I noticed something. I noticed that the back four of Manchester City, ON PAPER in my opinion, is more stable than of Real Madrid. Let me explain by comparing the back four of Manchester City with that of current Real Madrid line up which played against Valldolid on the weekend (Real Madrid won the math, 1-4 by the way).

Right Back

Arbeloa vs Micheal Richards

Well, I think the choice is pretty simple. Micheal Richards is better than Arbeloa in every department of the game except may be vision for the game and Arbeloa gets that point only because he is half a decade older than Richards. Richards is fast, young, powerful and good in theair,something which Real Madrid’s defense has always lacked and most of all he can go forward and help out the attack WITHOUT compromising his defensive duties.

Wayne Bridge (or Sylvinho) vs Marcelo

I think this should be a draw. Bridge is far more experienced plus, sensible when it comes to attacking the guy on the other side of the field while Marcelo plays like a free spirit, save for the last game Marcelo has rarely shown positional sense or the ability to predict what the attacker’s next move is. Marcelo was once touted as the next Roberto Carlos but clearly he does not have that pace or strength nor that powerful shoot. His left is way way more wayward then his uncle’s (presumably Roberto Carlos).

Manchester City also have the choice of playing Lescott over there, normally he plays asacentraldefenderbutcanalsoplay