performancebutamidweekdisasterhaschangedall that and now the only place where Real Madrid are cut above the rest is on paper. No where else.

Our coach Mr.Pelligrini would have a lot of worries now. Reports have been rising up that there is a lot of unrest in the dressing room and apparently saint Kaka had few words to say to him. He is going to have to give a pretty emotional team talk before the match for the purpose of both boosting the team’s abysmal morale and also to make his position clear that he is supposed to be the authority in this group of extremely talented people.

Barcelona will play Valencia so we can at least hope that they drop some points and that will allow Real Madrid to open up a slender lead but a lead at least. One thing is for sure. Pelligirni is going to have to pull his socks up to make Real Madrid win this match otherwise I think there will be a little more change to this Real Madrid then expected come the end of the season regardless of what happens in the rest of the season.

Pelligrini has not released the squad list till now but that does not matter really as because of the injuries he does not have alot of choice now or does he. Kaka and Benzema are out. Pepe is out and along with him , thankfully, drenthe is out too. Guti, will not start I think,Ido not think he is fit enough to play 3 games in a row at his top level. Granero might get a chance but considering his dip in form for quite sometime now (both in the league and the Champions League) I doubt with Pellegrini would start with him. I would think that Van Der Vaart would be the best choice (if he is not injured too, wait, let me just double check my sheet).

In the midfield, I want to see some changes. I would rather see Muhammadou Diarra for a change , I think in his heyday he is a complete box to box midfielder more like Essien, but I think it is safe to assume that Lass, Marcelo and Xabi Alonso would form the 3 man midfield with Raul, Ronaldo and Higuain upfront.

Real Madrid would be going for a 8th straight win the league and as the El Clasico approaches near, that is a stat that quite a few people would refer back to when pumping themselves up for that game. Anyway, this game is going to be difficult as all away games are for Real Madrid because of our not so ‘water tight’ defense but I think the players know that they have got quite something to prove following the humiliation in the Champions League and will rough it out tonight.

Lets just not go into the details of what needs to be done at Real Madrid because of this disaster. The same old cryings can be heard though. One section wants another revolution and another section wants stability in order to bring Real Madrid back to its Elite status in European football and for that to happen there must a consistent set of players who can make up the nucleus of the future Real Madrid more like Messi, iniesta and Xavi at Barcelona.

We should not be too quick to label this season as a failure as I think, beating Barcelona to the title is going to one hell of an achievement considering the form and the players Barcelona currently have stacked up in their squad.

So all that we Real Madrid fans can do is to let our voice known to the world that Real Madrid will not just lie down and roll over. There is always a next season and we will try hard the next season. The key here is not to loose faith and keep on believing that we can do it. That should not too far fetched a dreams as if any one team has the squad to win it all then I think after Barcelona its Real Madrid. In fact on paper, it is only Real Madrid that can claim the title solely on the basis of the amount of talent this squad has.

Well, that is it and now I am going to start to wait for the game to start. I am all ears now and dying to hear your comments. Come on Madridistas. Talk to me. I am listening.!!!