Kaka out of Real Madrid with an injury? Yeah, heard that one before

Real Madrid would be looking to put the Champions League disappointment midweek behind them now. It was a painful loss and a loss which would have affected the whole of Real Madrid. The management of Perez, Pellegrini’s decisions and the squad’s commitment to the cause will all be questioned as they always are whenever Real Madrid get eliminated from the Champions League early, which has been the case for more than half a decade now. Even though the loss was big especially after Real Madrid fans had high hopes for the team to turn the 0-1 deficit against Lyon, after the players showed an unbelievable amount of fighting spirit against Sevilla. Coming back from 0-2 in the second half to actually win the game gave a lot of confidence to the players and fans alike that this team really can achieve something big this season. Though Real Madrid got the top spot in the league that day, what was to follow a few days later has overshadowed that by a country mile and now what everybody wants to talk about is Real Madrid’s elimination and the 250 million euros that it took Perez to revamp the squad.

Never the less, this is a must win game for Real Madrid as we are ahead of Barcelona only through goal difference. It would be a tough away game with the squad’s morale on an all time low and an away win would do no harm to such a squad. Our goal difference is only better than Barcelona’s by a meager 2 goal margin and therefore, we not only have to win but have to win with big margins. Valladolid should be the team that Real Madrid would want to play right now at this moment because they have suffered heavily in all departments of the game since the beginning of the season including defending.

Real Valladolid are an interesting team. Currently I think they sit at 17nth position in the league table. They score a lot of goals and they concede a lot of goals both home and away. They have pretty decent players but the system at the club that the coach employs does not let them play at their potential, they could easily be pretty dangerous players if you put some of them in teams like Real Madrid or Valencia.

The problem with Valladolid is that, they had a change of coach who brought in a lot of players and kept on rotating them and because of that, none of the players had sufficient time on the field to get comfortable with the new season and as a result (wow, a lot of ANDs in this post) the team could not gel properlybecauseof poor rotating policy.

Overall, they can put up a fight but the problem is that both their central defenders and the full backs are not exactly electric and kaka (Oops, I forgot that Kaka is INJURED!!), ronaldo and Benzema (man what the heck is wrong with me, he is injured too) can exploit these slows chumps at the back, however Valladolid defenders are really strong in the air but that counts for zero as Real Madrid rarely employ air game when they play their matches. Real Madrid are not centrally strong otherwise I would have had no problem in declaring a ” We will win by 3-0″ statement if you know what I mean.

Valladolid will definitely employ a CLOSING DOWN strategy against Real Madrid as they have plenty of players who can pull their socks up and be the dirty workmen for their team. They will try their best to hack and slash at the likes of Alonso, Ronaldo and the rest.

Real Madrid go into this match with not a lot to be optimistic about. We have not won at th Zorilla for 2 years but Valladolid have not won a single game in 2010 (like in 3 months to state it clearly) so you cannot really say, who is in better form at the moment. After the Sevilla game there would have been no doubts about who was coming to this match as the heavy favorite in terms of