same reason that Abramovich (Chelsea’s owner) wanted Mourinho to bring in star players and pick players according to their brand value not for their performance and what did Mourinho do?. Walked out in the middle of the season when Chelsea were really in a delicate position as Manchester United had a slight lead over them in the English Premier League.

Anyway, what happened happened but I would only prefer Mourinho if Perez’s promises not to get involved in player purchases and player selection, only then Moruinho will be able to win something for Real Madrid otherrwise I would rather go with Pellegrini or hell, even Bernd Schuster if current ways are to be implemented in the future as well.

The bottom lines is that there are plenty of solutions being presentedbyplenty of people but one thing is for sure that, one elmination from the Champions League does not mean that the season is over for Real Madrid or the Neo Galacticos has failed. It takes a season for two for players go gel together and start seeing their moves getting connected on match days.

Otherwise, Perez could (and probably would) go on another spending spree next summer to further strengthen this side (which is on paper the best side in Europe hands down). My favorite for the job would always be Capello. He is the only one who can win us the Champions League if given enough time and oh yeah, if given enough tolerance because of the way he plays his teams ie, totally defensive football with lots of running and chasing the balls all over the field.

Mourinho cannot guarantee you Champions League, he only won it with Porto, could not do it with Chelsea where he had infinite supply of money and almost a complete team so why would he achieve that feat with Real Madrid? I think Capello’s Real Madrid was really starting to become the current Barcelona when our good and extremely honest buddy Calderon decided to kick him out.

Anyway, my opinion is not what counts. I am just a simple guy with a little bit knowledge about Real Madrid and a hell a lot of passion. What do you guys think? Have Real Madrid really wasted their 250 million? or getting knocked out of the Champions League by a team whose whole club is not worth as much as Real Madrid’s spending spree for this season alone?

Let me know your thoughts. I am sitting here and I am all ears. Waiting for your comments.