Is Rooney the answer instead of these two for Real Madrid's comeback?

Well. Here I was, thinking that wednesday (or was it tuesday) night is going to be the night that I see the end of two things. One, my grueling semester and second, Real Madrid’s streak of 5 consecutive failures to move past the knockout stage of the Champions League. Which is, quite frankly a disgusting stat for a club as rich and successful as Real Madrid.

Anyway, both of my “one and two” did not happen. My finals got postponed to after 22 march and Real Madrid lost the match against Lyon, thanks to Higuain, to continue this impressive streak of 6 consecutive years of non stop elimination from the knockout phase.

As expected, the media, the fans and the players alike went berserk and went on some of the most furious rants I have ever read on the net,more precisely, on and The latter apparently dedicated a whole post to it I think when the post was titled “Vent Your Furies/Troll All You Want” in which readers were given full freedom to let their not so kind words out on the forum.

I cannot say I did not want to do that but what I can say that, this is the moment we should all remain calm because if there are two qualities that Champions show then those are patience and persistence to follow the right path, no matter what the situation.

Talking about situation, the situation at Real Madrid is a little less than what you traditionally call “STABLE”. Pellegrini’s head is again being calledfor becauseof the obvious reasons, though I think that it is simply not because of Real Madrid’s performance that Lyon beat us. It is something with this Champions League stage, because we have been getting knocked out so often by the same team, again and again. People say Pellegrini is making a mess of Perez’s Neo Galacticos and that Mourinho is being courted by Real Madrid.

Let me make one thing very clear to these people and that is, MOURINHO will not, in ANY SITUATION, become Perez’s puppet like some of these no name coaches can and do become. Mourinho will want things where he wants those things and when he wants those things. Any sort of involvement from the admnistration is going to lead to problems if Mourinho is incharge as we all can witness to that he did at Chelsea. Despite being hugelysuccessful,helefttheclub.Why?