rest in La Liga (but on a good day, Real Madrid can at the least, match Barcelona), their club is going through a fantastic economic phase and generally, is pretty stable from an administrative point of view.

Coming back to La Liga. I think the major reason why Barcelona are so ahead of Real Madrid in terms of points (5 points is a lot of points) is because of the number of games Barcelona actually loose. If you look the the La Liga table a little closely, you will notice that Barcelona have not lost a single game this season in La Liga whereas Real Madrid have lost 3 games which makes quite a difference. Barcelona always manage to scrap out a draw out of somewhere whenever theyarenot clicking and the other team is playing its best football. That to me makes a lot of difference.

Real Madrid have drawn fewer games then Barcelona (4 to 2 ) which tells me that whenever Real Madrid get behind in a match, they do not have the determination to fight for a win or at least a draw. We would have been only 2 points behind Barcelona had we drawn all the game we lost but only half a season has passed and there is a lot of football to be played.

Real Madrid have time to fix itself first and then wait for Barcelona to have massive slip up if we want to get ahead. I always think of the margin the following way:

  • We MUST win the game against Barcelona later in the season, that is a given. There is no point in winning the league if we cannot beat Barcelona at the Bernabeu.
  • Given that we beat Barcelona, the point difference is actually 2 points which further means that we only need Barcelona to either loose one single game or draw twice to give us a chance to over take them. I think Real Madrid players have the quality and WILL have the motivation when they would know that Barcelona have slipped up to give Real Madrid the chance to get close to them and eventually overtake them.

Hope this releases some tension off some of our Real Madrid fans as it always helps me whenever I think about the situation of Real Madrid at the moment.

That is all for today and I look forward to the game against Malaga. HALA MADRID