Real Madrid is the best club in club football history, I think you all know this, I know this and hell, FIFA knows it as well ( because that is the only reason why they awarded Real Madrid with the “BEST CLUB OF 20th CENTURY” award) but right now, nowhere will you find any evidence nor any trail to hint that Real Madrid is the best football club in the world and lets be fair over here, Real Madrid is not the best club in the world right now.

The likes of Barcelona and Manchester United have over taken Real Madrid as far as on field performances go. As far as marketing side is concerned, they both are catching up with Real Madrid and fast. Barcelona are just getting over winning the first ever sextuple by ANY club, not just any Spanish club and Manchester United are loaded with money after their sale of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid for 80 million pounds or so.

Last week’s performance against Athletico Bilbao (a match, Real Madrid SHOULD not COULD, have easily won, well atleast on paper) was not something which any Real Madrid fan would be proud of. An away lost to a tier 2 team and on worse, Barcelona won their match which widened the gap between Real Madrid and Barcelona at the top of the La liga table to 5 points which is a pretty hefty margin and from now on, it will be extremely difficult to catch Barcelona.

After 18nth week of La Liga, Barcelona are sitting at the top of the table with 46 points and Real Madrid are secondwith41. That looks pretty OK but check this out. Valencia are sitting right below Real Madrid with 38 points which means that one slip up on part of Real Madrid could end up hurting us to the extent that Real Madrid would not be able to grab that automatic qualification for the Champions League next season.

Some would say that is just hypothetical, but I say, it is better to be safe than sorry. Barcelona are not going to let their form drop which obviously means that Real Madrid will have to step up their game and gel a lot quicker than Ricardo Kaka suggested some weeks ago (about 1 and a half seasons).

Right now, Barcelona are firing on all cylinders. They have looked the strongest side in Champions League andaredefinitelyheadandshouldersabovethe