can obviously tell you that the coaches are a little less than happy with his commitment during the matches and the training sessions.

  • His moral behavior (judging by the reports in the media) is not fitting either. Always finds himself in the bars late night and because of that shows up late at training sessions. Plus, the fact that it is detrimental to the image of a club as great as Real Madrid. Guti, does not (in anyway) set an example that young children or Real Madrid youth players would be proud to follow.
  • The most obvious one is that he is OLD. He will turn 34 this year and that is a lot of age when you consider the youth in Real Madrid’s squad this season. People keep on complaining about Van Nistelrooy being old. I tell them thatatleast Van Nistelrooy is giving his best and so far has performed well whenever he has been asked to play. Rarely has Van Nistelrooy performed poorly in a game. He is an instinctive old school striker and he has complemented his skills by keeping himself fit and mentally relaxed to play at his top level which is so much unlike Guti.
  • And most of all, let us just (or let me just) state the fact that Guti is simply not good enough to play for Real Madrid. He is not that gifted technically either (when I say he is not technically gifted, I am speaking relatively. I mean, for heavens sake, we sold Sniejder and kept Guti, how much dumber can one get). Too many times he tries to be too cheeky with his moves and ends up loosing possession several times in a game which can significantly affect (and usually does affect) the final scoreline negatively from a Real Madrid’s perspective.
  • There you go. Above are the reasons why I think Guti should leave Real Madrid or perhaps it would be more appropriate to say “here are the reasons why I think Guti should have left Real Madrid some 3 years ago”.

    That is all for today as Real Madrid gear up for the clash against Athletico Bilbao on Saturday. That should be an interesting game as Real Madrid is playing away from home which should give you the indication that there is going to be a lot of drama in this game. HALA MADRID!!!!

    Do remember to talk to me through the comments section. Am I being fair to Guti or is there really a place for Guti in this Real Madrid squad. Talk to me. I am all ears and waiting for your comments!!!.