I have had enough with Guti. I have been saying this for the past 3 seasons (not saying that I am a predicting machine or something, just that I did not like this player from the moment I say him play, that is, during the first Galacticos Era.) that Guti is a liability and I do not know what Calderon was thinking when he gave Guti a lifetime contract at Real Madrid.

I sincerely think that Guti has passed his prime. There was a time in the first galacticos era (around 2002-2003) that Guti ended up scoring in double figures in a single season for 3 consecutive season but since then it has gone all down the hill for Guti.

Here are my reasons why I think Guti should be kicked out of Real Madrid, ASAP:

  • Guti is the most inconsistent player in the history of Real Madrid, probably of world club football. I have not seen Guti perform for 90 minutes for more than 2 games in a row. His best performances have come (which have been like 3 in a row at maximum) when he has used as a sub in the second half ( in an ideal world, you would think the coach intentionally brought him in the second half so that he could adjust to the slow pace of the general play as the rest of the opposition would be much exhausted) and that too, only under Juande Ramos. Even within a single match, Guti goes through several patches which can be detrimental when a team plays against tougher oppositions and as Real Madrid is a premier club, it always has to play tough oppositions at least twice a month.
  • Guti’s attitude on the field and off the field is nothing to boast about. He, like Ronaldo(whocould defend his case with his footballing skills), looks so uninterested in trying hard and making an effort to defend Real Madrid colors. Sometimes, during games he is walking and sometimes he has his hands on his knees as if he has done marathon or something. He switches off too many times. His work ethic is amongst the worst in the world. I have not seen him track back for lost ball in a long long time.
  • He is physically unfit to play for Real Madrid. Just look at him and look at the way he holds himself during a game. One sprint and he looks to be knocked out cold. He cannot run fast (and that is not entirely his fault) so he should try to make it up with better stamina than most other players but that seems something which Guti has not even given a thought to. He is alwayshavingtroubleinthetrainingsessionswhich