do not have the ball compared to when they have the ball but Cristiano Ronaldo rarely tries to make up for his mistakes. I know he has a lot of skill in him but he should definitely learn this from players like Messi and Rooney who are atleast at the same level of skill as Ronaldo is and yet are humble and work hard with the team to prove themselves useful for the team.

  • His free kicks sucked as much as he did himself. Way way way off target. The only skill I had hoped he would do well in this match(ie take good free kicks) if he did not do well in his general play but he disappointed me there too.
  • Did not seem to feel any shame or disgust at what he was doing and how it was costing RealMadrid.Whenever he lost the ball he made a face like, as if it was not his fault. I mean, he lost the ball, so he should be doing 2 things. Either forget about what happened and concentrate on the remaining minutes of the game or admit that he had played poorly in a particular move and try to work even harder in order to make up for it but Ronaldo looked like he was just blaming others for his mistakes which sucks.
  • So these are the reasons why I thought he sucked. Apart from Ronaldo, Higuain also sucked. He also missed some easy chances. I was certain that today, I would be writing a post about 5 REASONS WHY MARCELO SUCKS but the performances of C.Ronaldo and Higuain prompted me to do otherwise.

    Anyway, the important thing is that Real Madrid won and lets just hope that C.Ronaldo improves his physique and most of all his attitude towards his mistakes. Real Madrid need to win with big margins against lesser teams to boost the confidence levels of their players, especially those who are just coming back from injuries and also, to show Barcelona that Real Madrid are not that far behind them and Real Madrid can also maul teams without playing beautiful one touch football.


    Do let me know what you guys think about this. Did Ronaldo’s performance and most of all his attitude really sucked or was it just me? I am all ears now and dying to hear (or read) your opinion on this. Come on baby, I am listening. TALK TO ME.