Cristiano Ronaldo sucked more that Brad Pitt's last film

Real Madrid might have won the match 2-0 against the humble Mallorca and are now first in the league table, lets hope it is not for only a few hours or so but the truth is that it could have been easily 6-0 or worse but Real Madrid did not take their chances, which sucks because things like these can make a big difference come the end of the season. Missing easy chances can have an affect on motivation level and enthusiasm level of the players.

Everybody missed a lot of chances but most notable was C.Ronaldo and that is why I am writing this quick post to tell you why he sucked in this match so much.

  1. First things first. He sucked because he missed a lot of easy chances. He missed like a dozen after the 60th minute mark. I doubt if Messi would have let go so easily of his intensity levels if he has in a similar situation. I do not know, but if C.Ronaldo really wants to do what he says (like, he has said now that he wants to be the best player in the world) then he is going to have to take every chance that comes in his way otherwise Messi is going to run away with this too because his consistency, at the moment, is unmatched by any other player in terms of scoring goals and playing well even when not scoring goals
  2. He tried to dribble a lot and every time lost the possessionwhichput Real Madrid under unnecessary pressure plus the fact that he ruined many attacking moves because of his show off tricks. Add to that, Real Madrid players had to work twice as hard, just to recover the ball which Ronaldo lost 2 seconds ago. It was just annoying. On one occasion, Marcelo worked his butt off to get the ball back and then passed to Ronaldo to launch a counter attack and what did Ronaldo do? tried to dribble past one single stupid defender but lost the ball which again put the pressure of Real Madrid’s defence.
  3. He did not track back when he lost the ball. This is the most frustrating parts. Look at all the good strikers in the world. Henry, Eto’o, Messi and Drogba (count Rooney in too), theyallworktwiceashardwhenthe