The two best right backs in world football

First up is the right back position and I think the answer is clearly NOT OBVIOUS in this case as both are extremely good, extremely fit, extremely motivated and extremely competitive. One thing to note about both these defenders is that they both made their BIG money move (to Barcelona and Real Madrid) while playing at Sevilla.

For Sergio Ramos, I still remember the season where he scored a cracker of a long range free kick against Real Madrid and won the game for Sevilla. Next season, he was wearing the white shirt such was his impact. Sergio Ramos is 23 years old and already has played over 150 games for Real Madrid and is definitely one of those players who are looked upon as future Rauls for Real Madrid.

Daniel Alves on the other hand is 3 years Ramos’s senior and is equally as talented. I wanted him to come to Real Madrid for the simple reason that his arrival would have meant that Sergio Ramos would have moved in the central defense and Ramos Pepe pair would have been the best in Europe (assuming Ramos learns to keep his head). But, it was not to be and Daniel Alves signed for Barcelona (man I so wished Chelsea would have signed him, but they signed a pretty good right back themselves who goes by the name of Bosingwa).

Anyway, here are their individual stats.

Sergio Ramos

Real Madrid

Spanish League: 2006-07, 2007-08

Spanish Supercup: 2008


UEFA European Championship: 2008

Spain (youth level)

UEFA U-19 Championship: 2004


UEFA’s Best new player of 2004-05[citation needed]

UEFA’s 2005-06 All-World Defensive Player of the Year

Don Balón Award for Breakthrough Player of the Year: 2005

Antonio Puerta Award.[1]

ESM Team of the year: 2007-08

ESM Team of the Month: April 2007, May 2007, September 2007, October 2007, November 2007, December 2007, January 2008

FIFPro World XI: 2007-08

Móstoles Sports Elite Award[2]

UEFA Team of the Year: 2008[3] Team of the Year: 2008

Daniel Alves



Nordeste Championship: (2) 2001, 2002

Bahia State League: (1) 2001


UEFA Cup: (2) 2005-06, 2006-07

UEFA Super Cup: (1) 2006

Spanish Cup: (1) 2006-07

Spanish Supercup: (1) 2007


Spanish League: (1) 2008-09

Spanish Cup: (1) 2008-09

Spanish Supercup: (1) 2009

UEFA Champions League: (1) 2008-09

UEFA Super Cup: (1) 2009

FIFA Club World Cup: (1) 2009


FIFA World Youth Championship: 2003

Copa América: 2007

FIFA Confederations Cup: 2009


UEFA Cup Most Valuable Player : 2006

UEFA Super Cup Most Valuable Player : 2006

UEFA Team of the Year : 2007

Best Defender : 2008-09 (LFP)


Now, According to me, their ON FIELD ability COMPARISON goes like this:

Daniel Alves | Sergio Ramos

Acceleration 9 8

Aggression 8 8

Agility 8 7

Balance 7 8

Ball Control 8 8

Crossing 8 7


Dribbling 8 7

Finishing 6 5

Free kick 8 6

Header 7 9

Jump 7 8

Long Pass 8 7

Long Shots 8 5

Marking 8 8

Positioning 8 8

Reaction 8 7

Short Pass 8 7

Shot Power 8 7

Slide Tackle 8 8

Sprint Speed 8 8

Stamina 9 8

Standing Tackle 8 8

Strength 7 8

Tactical Awareness 7 6

I ll touch on few of these points briefly



Both of them a really really quick. There is one difference though. Daniel Alves runs with long fluid smooth strides (more like how Federer moves on the court, sorry for persistingwithFootballTenniscomparison)whereasSergioRamos