oftheplayerswithmoreflashytricksand a better looking faces. The thing with Rooney is that, he has the talent that othe top players have like Kaka, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Messi and Ibra but the thing he has and none of the aforementioned guys do not have is his will to win, his work rate and his desire not to give up. In other words, Rooney does almost an unthinkable amount of work off the ball which none of the top players (ranked by FIFA) do. For this reason I would rather have Rooney and Gerrard inmyteam rather than Kaka and Ibrahimovic.

In other news, Real Madrid blew the chance to go top of La Liga by only managing a draw against Ossasuna. We should not be disheartened by this result. All the big teams looked rusty after the Christmas break and Real Madrid were no different. The important thing was that we kept on fighting till the end and did not concede any goal. Higuain had two sitters to score from but he missed them both and he does this a lot of times. Scores when you least expect him to score and misses when you least expect him to. Anyway, Real Madrid will have chances in the future as well. For me, as I said last year. The minimum we need to do is to stay within 3 points of Barcelona because beating Barcelona in the next derby is a must no matter what the league positions are. There is no way Perez or any Real Madrid fan is going to tolerate loosing to Barcelona two times in a single season.

That was it for today and I hope to seeing you tomorrow for my new SERIES.