Real Madrid will be the best team of 2010. I am not so sure about that as only time can tell what is there to unfold but with the collection of superstars at Real Madrid’s disposal I would not bet against that claim especially if Ronaldo, kaka and Benzema (not to mention Lassana Diarra) remain fit for the rest of the season. Though, Ronaldo also thinks that the obsession of winning Champions League does put a lot of pressure on players, he thinks that winning the Champions League with Manchester United was the greatest moment in his career and he would love to do that with Real Madrid (well, he did not actually say that but he did say that Madrid should not thinkaboutChampions League too much and should also give La Liga Crown some weight). Well, my answer to that would be that the reason because we are all so obsessed with Champions League this season is for 2 reasons.

1 is that Perez has put in alot o f investment in the club this season and the only way he can justify that is by winning the Champions Leaguue, La Liga should be Chicken feed now as Schuster and Capello both gave us that with very little spending compared to Perez’s (amazing, spending is generally mentioned in context to the managers. Generally that is, which means, whenever Perez is not the President). 2 is that the final of the Champions League will be at the Bernabeu and if Ronaldo can win the Champions League there for Real Madrid, it would be a unimaginable achievement.

In other news, Liverpool are hunting for Van Der Vaart (who has started to show his class lately in Real Madrid matches, also because now that Guti is likely to leave, may be that has given Liverpool some confidence that he is really worth something and Real Madrid just have not been able to utilize his immense talent just like with Sniejder. Mourinho also agrees that it is strange that Inter Milan’s most important player was only able to win a bench place at Real Madrid.

Real Madrid’s next match is away from home against Osasuna and lets just hope we can reclaim the top position from Barcelona. HALA MADRID!!!