Pedro Fired Barcelona into the lead at Camp Nou but his effort was cancelled out

Howdie my Real Madrid Madridistas.

After a long lay off, I finally saw something interesting at There was this poll that was held in determining exactly who is the greatest player of the past decade. Now, I personally hate polls but hye, if they prove any of my points then I am more than happy to use or QUOTE them.

Today, I saw the result and CONGRATS to all Ronaldo (Brazil, ughh) fans. Ronaldo has been voted the best player of the past decade. Now that is some serious claim as we all know players like Henry, Rivaldo, Zidane, Figo, Raul, Roberto Carlos, Giggs, Ronaldinho (who was not even in the list I think) and Maldini all come under the “past decade” tag and I think quite deservingly Ronaldo has won the claim.

I have said it countless times that had it not been for Ronaldo’s injuries and his unprofessional attitutde towards his 30s, Ronaldo would have been praised as the greatest of all time. You don’t need me telling you that, there are lots of people who believe the same. Cannavaro and Jose Mourinho being the two of those clan of people.

Anyway, coming to another good news which I just saw and that’s Barcelona has drawn its match against Villareal at home. Great going Villa. Now Barcelona are just2 pointsahead of Real Madrid and Real Madrid have a game in hand which means that theoretically we are number 1 in the league.

Barcelona might have won 6 out of 6 titles available in 2009 to them but Real Madrid are still fighting hard in trying to stay up with the standards that have been set by this sublime Barcelona team, little credit to Guardiola though and lots of credit to Messi. I think he is currently the only player in world football who has the potential to do anything he wants with his career and with the ball while he is on the pitch and I would not say the same for C.Ronaldo. Ronaldo is great too, but when the going gets tough…..MESSI gets going.

In other news (yeah I do sound formalwhensayingthat)Ronaldothinksthatthis