first half.

Real Madrid are leading the la liga at the moment so a draw wouldnt have been a bad result for Real Madrid. Barcelona were just pure frustrated as they couldnt break down Real Madrid’s defense.

That was the story of the firs thalf. Barcelona had all the posession and the tricks, flicks. But real madrid had the best of the chances which they couldnt convert. Damn you Marcelo. I forgive Ronaldo because of the obvious reasons.

2nd Half

There had been no 0-0 result in El Clasico for 20 years, surely that was not going to change considering the amount of talent and money that was present there on the field. El Clasico is always a contest for leadership and both sides fought till the end. At the start of the 2nd half Barcelona tried different approach. They came from the wings in hope of trying to disturb the rhythm of Real Madrids defence.

On the other hand Barcelona did play in their rhythm, sprayed the ball around really well but real madrid were upto the task in cutting their passes off, most of the times but that took alot out of Real Madrid’s defense and midfield, as a result we were not as bright in attack as we were in defense.

Messi showed his brilliance on many occassions, but was always pulled down by Real Madrid defensive midifled players namely diarra and Xabi. These two worked their socks off.

Sergio Ramos played extremely well on the right flank and looked more like a winger as so often he does by beating barcelona players on the wing several times with his skill on the ball.

Early in the second half, Ronaldo made a fantastic turn but was obstructed by Sergio who consquently got booked. One more thing. Arbeloa sucks. Everytime he got the ball he just shot it long out of the ground and put the pressure right back at Real Madrid by giving away the possession so cheaply.Anyway, Barcelona subbed the 32 old henry for Ibra and the noucamperupted.There was their man, the 2nd most expensive player in the history of football after Ronaldo.

He changed the game alot because he is strong in the air and can play the one twos very well.

Great defending from Real Madrid as they got possession back from Barcelona in a dangerous situation, they worked over time as Barcelona passed the ball slickly. Real Madrid counter attacked with Ronaldo and Higuain. Higuain turned quite brilliantly inside Puyol but Puyol recovered in time to make another magnificent block. He had now saved 2 goals for sure.

Ibrahamovic scored the openning goal on the 55th minute mark. Cross by Alves and the finish from ibrahamovic who made a left foot volley to hammer in the first goal. Absolute screamer. but guess what, on the replay i saw a little hint of Ibra being offside, well the sstupid ref didnt see it so whats the point in discussing that.This now called for a response from Real Madrid. After that Barcelona played their game of keeping the ball and looking for gaps in the real madrid water right defence.

That was the first shot Bracelona had on the Real Madrid goal and they scored from it.

Sergio got a red card for handling the ball. I dont know if its Barcelona or its players who are to blame for this. Messi does this all the time and now sergio is joining the act too.

Ronaldo missed an easy header off a cross from Marcelo.

My wish came true and Benzema came on. But wait, the stupid Pelligrini brought him on for Ronaldo. I know ronaldo just came back from injury, but this was not the best decision Pelligrini made in his time so far at Real Madrid. With ronaldo gone, the pace was gone for Real Madrid in the attack.

Raul came on for Arbeloa and interestingly, he hadnt scored at the nou camp for more than a decade.

Diarra got booked again in the 90th minute and thus both sides had 10 men on the field. Well, from the way Barcelona kept posession, I couldnt notice which side had the lesser number of men before Diarra got sent off.

Barcelona players went down on every touch they felt after they got their goal (and got reduced to 10 men). Real Madrid could not build any momentum after that, Barcelona dictated the pace of the game through their superior passing. Real Madrid tried hard but just could not match Barcelona interms of the pace and the creativity.

For me, the man of the match was Puyol who saved atleast 3 goals for Barcelona. Well, we can really dwell on this anymore. Real Madrid are now 2 points behind Barcelona which can be credited to the chances wasted by Real Madrid against a side like Barcelona.

I noticed throughout the game that Real Madrid players did not have the same skill on the ball as Barcelona players had. Barcelona players were so much more comfortable on the ball and all of their players from Daniel Alves to the obvious Lionel Messi had such a good touch on the ball. Whereas in the Real Madrid side, Sergio Ramos, Diarra and Marcelo had average feel for the ball and too many times broke the momentum of Real Madrid’s attack simply because of their poor first touch.

As Beckham said, the most important thing in football is the first touch, if you have a good first touch then the rest becomes so easy. Zidane showed us the mastery in this skill and I can tell you that Lionel Messi is not far off.

Anyway, nothing to worry about, there are plenty of matches left. Hopefully Ronaldo will be fully fit for Real Madrid in our next Classico and hopefully Marcelo would be dead by then (I have been super critical on Marcelo but he did work hard and made some vital blocks while closing down Barcelona defenders to setup some Real Madrid attacks, but he also evened that out with his stupid sense of the beautiful game known as football, hell to those who said that Marcelo was the next Roberto Carlos).