FILES-FBL-SPAIN-REAL MADRID-PEREZThis weak alone has caused enough havoc already than the past whole month and I had trouble catching up with all the news and updates after my long brake (actually I was having my mid terms and you know, if you don’t study for them, you get in trouble). Nevertheless, Real Madrid has been the centre of all the rumours football has to offer today which has been the case probably since Zidane scored that Champions League goal against Bayern Leverkusen.

Despite all the talk of ‘CRISIS’ at Real Madrid, we are still 2nd in the league and only 2 points behind Barcelona. Yes we did spend a lot and have not been getting the returns but that does not been that Perez has failed again though I do think that if there is one mistake Perez has made during his second run then that’s the hiring of Pelligrini.

With the squad that is at his disposal, he should be doing a lot better than he is doing right now but that in no way undermines what Real Madrid have been able to do this season so far, we have a derby tomorrow and I think, this will be the game that will either put Pelligrini on the verge on a sack or will buy him some more time to show his worth.

Real Madrid have not been enjoying their best form for the past two months. It all started with the AC Milan game (if not the Sevilla game). A struggling Milan side against a 250 million euro galactic squad of Real Madrid at the Bernebeau. What did we get?

I tell you that what did we get in a moment but before that I am going to tell you what we did not get. First, we did not get a win, second we did not play well and third, we did not get home support, which obviously Real Madrid players do not get whenever they aren’t playing to their potential. Now to the ‘what did we get ‘ part. What we did get was a defeat at home to an Italian side (a little research will show you that credit should go to Italy and Italian league as a whole not to Ac Milan alone for defeating Real Madrid as Real Madrid’s record against Italian sides is about as worse as it gets.

Then what? After the disappointing game against Milan in the Champions League where we conceded somereallysilly goals.I could not believe that the man standing between the two goal posts of Real Madrid’s penalty box was Casillas, specially given that he had performed so well in the game against Sevilla which Real Madrid lost 2-1 but we were away from home and without Ronaldo, so one could give Real Madrid some latitude there.

Pirlo’s goal was pure misjudgement on part of Casillas. Pirlo should not have been allowed to have that much space in the first place but Casillas complenented this mistake of Real Madrid’s defence by letting the ball pass him by at the near post.

Pato’s goal had a nice finish to it but in the build up play, Real Madrid made too many mistakes. Our defense looked lethargic and nobody really wanted to dig deep in that game. Anyway, I though that would have been enough for Real Madrid and Pelligrini to start working with real focus as fans wanted them to take their anger out on Gijon. Instead o f a 5-0 thrashing away from home, Real Madrid couild only conjure up a 0-0 draw and then followed what must be described as the worstdayIhaveseenasaReal