madReal Madrid finally got a win under their belt but not without drama, as at one point during the match Real Madrid were leading 3-0 but ended up being the victors by a tight margin of 2-3, nevertheless 3 points for Real Madrid.

Barcelona also won their game 4-2 after Guardiola decided to rest half of his first team players but hell, who cares about Barcelona apart from the fact that Real Madrid need Barcelona to slip up in order to have any chance of winning a silveware this season which Pelligrini thinks is possible.
Apparently he believes that this win is big enough to inspire Real Madrid players to win everything this season. Optimism is one thing but this is just insane to think that Real Madrid can aspire to win everything after winning a local derby against Atletico Madrid who did not have their best player fit for the game, i.e, Kun Aguero who did indeed came on for Atletico Madrid but not before Real Madrid put past them 2 crucial goals in the 1st half.

Real Madrid played brilliantly throughout the match much like they did against AC Milan in the Champions League match (Damn that Ronaldinho penalty, the refereeing standards are dropping at an alarming rate, especially in Champions League and La liga) but the result was quite difference today.

Real Madrid would have won the match in a convincing manner had Sergio Ramos not been sent off for a foul on Kun Aguero late in the game from behind as Aguero was through on goal as the last man.

Raul started on the bench for Real Madrid and so did Aguero for Atletico Madrid, obviously Atletico Madrid came off worse in that regard. Atletico had not beaten Real Madrid in ten years and one could really tell from the look on their players faces that they were nervous for a reason as Real Madrid started to pour forward from the start of the game pressurizing the Atletico Madrid defenders and just after 5 minutes Real Madrid took the lead as Kaka unleashed an unstoppable shot from just outside the box, that flew into the top left hand corner, 1-0 Real Madrid!!!!.

Real Madrid midfielders performed really well with man of the match being Lassana Diarra. Our midfielders helped the defenders alot by tracking back and marking the opponents and in return the fullbacksprovided plenty of support for Real Madrid attackers.

Real Madrid kept on attacking despite taking the lead as Atletico Madrid struggled to find their rythm throughout the first half and quite deservingly, it was Real Madrid who looked to increase their lead despite being the away side and lead they did take when Marcelo fired home a fercious shot from the tight angle with his right foot (hmm, nope, no Roberto Carlos here). The intent with which Marcelo took that shot really showed the difference of confidence between the two sides as Real Madrid dominated the preceedings and it started to look like a one sided affair just after 30 minutes of play.

Atletico Madrid did manage to get some shots on Real Madrid’s goal in the later stages of the first half but Casillas was not to be beaten as Real Madrid went into the break leading by 2 goals to 0, whilst Atletico got booed by their own fans (hah, that was priceless).

Second half began with Atletico Madrid looking to claw back into the game by bringing on Aguero for Jurado. That did not change anything as Real Madrid continued to create chanceafterchance.Benzemadidmanagetoput