Guti is going to have to get used to warming the bench

Guti is going to have to get used to warming the bench no matter how hard and long he ponders about this after giving good performances.

Looking at Guti’s performance in the previous match against Xerez and also taking into consideration the past 3 seasons, from Capello to Schuster and from Juande Ramos to Pelligrini, I think there are certain conditions and situations in which Guti’s full potential can be harnessed to its maximum and lets all be honest guys, we know that this guy does possess a magical left foot and when he is in the mood, he can be a game changer.

However, as we all have witnessed that Guti has been primarily used as a substitute (save for the situation in which half the squad is injured so there is no other choice but to use Guti as a starter) for the past 3 seasons and here are my 3 REASONS why it will not change (unless and again, half the squad gets injured) this season as well.

Guti knows that he is not fit enough for 90 minutes in the white Jersey.

Guti knows that he is not fit enough for 90 minutes in the white Jersey.

  1. Well, first and foremost (and I think, the pretty obvious one as well) is that Guti is just not good enough to wear a Real Madrid shirt for the whole 90 minutes in a match. He does not have the stamina, neither the will nor the head to keep himself in the game for long. He looses concentration too many times. Sometimes turns away from the game at every pass he receives which really allows the other teams to get back and defend in numbers. While that does allow Real Madrid to have more possession on the ball, it is detrimental to our chances of scoring on a quick break.This isjust one of the problems. He does not track back. Given how well can C.Ronaldo defend (ie tracking back and defensive heading), Guti should at least try his best to help out the defense, but this is his problem, he does not even try and like the old Ronaldo’s last months at Real Madrid, looks completely disinterested in the game sometimes. There used to be a time when Guti scored 10+ goals per season by playing as a regular. He is on 3 now, in 3 games playing as a super sub, so lets see what develops in the coming games.
  2. Secondly, he always plays like a World Class player when he is brought on as a substitute. Don’t know what goes through his mind but whenever any coach has used him as a substitute (not a late substitute just for the sake of resting someone more important, but actual meaningful substitute, like, when the team is not clicking and then Gutiisbroughton)heperforms2times