Ronaldo (6 goals in 6 games)

Ronaldo (6 goals in 6 games)


Ronaldo (1st min, gliding header at the far post. Wonderful)

Ronaldo(75th min, again a header, this time he really gave it a smack.)

Guti(79nth minute, powerful shot straight through the keeper after Benzema missed a simple volley)

Benzema (82nd min, made up for that, a little less than a embarassing miss on the Guti goal, by scoring a magnificent goal from inside the box)

Van Nistelrooy(89nth min, GOAL MACHINE is up and running)

OK, after my long break. This is what I get from Real Madrid. Tonights victory was just too emotional. Ronaldo was being scrutinized by the media for not showing the same form at Manchester United, Benzema’s night life was being questioned, Van Nistelrooy’s old age and possible retirement questions were being asked, not to mention the fact that most people are pouncing on, that, Real Madrid are now a group of individuals rather than a team.

While that might be true, but this performance I think, more than refutes that statement aside from the fact that in todays match Real Madrid scored against a side that has not played in the first division for 62 years and have become the first team in La Liga not to have scored in the first 3 matches of the season.

But, 3 points are 3 points. Barcelona thrashed Atletico Madrid last night 5-2, well, I cannot remember the last time when I did not see Atletico Madrid conceding 5 goals or more against Barcelona, whether a struggling Barcelona or a treble winning one.

Anyways, Real Madrid started the game in poor fashion, the game was tight and scrappy in the midfield and out forwards just did not connect and this is where I think Ronaldo has a big advantage over Messi. When Ronaldo is not playing his best (by his best I mean, beating defenders all over the field), he is able to contribute aerially alot than Messi would.

Ronaldo is by far the best header of the ball in the current Real Madrid squad in my opinion. So he is useful in defence and I think tonights performance showed that, he is pretty good while attacking it as well.

Another thing which makes it easy for him to head that well is that, the opponents defenders are most of the time expecting him to dribble or make a bicycle kick or something on lobs. A player with so much talent in his feet is generally not required neither expected to head the ball as well as Ronaldo does and Messi, I think, is the prime example of “you do not need to head the ball when you can play this well with the feet”.

Having watched the match, I do not think there was a single highlight after Ronaldo’sfirstgoal till Ronaldo’s second goal. After Ronaldo’s second goal, Real Madrid really started to play like a team. Passed the ball well and were able to get the ball to the forwards quickly for them to attack the defenders.

Ronaldo impressed me alot today. He did not do too many dribbles and neither took his bazooka of a shots at the goal but the way he played, the maturity he showed really made me feel like, Real Madrid have actually robbed Manchester United. Given Ronaldo stays motivated and hungry, there is no reason that he can become Real Madrid’s greatest ever player.

Ronaldo passed well and kept up his goal tally with two quite brilliant headers. He has got speed and for speed, one needs to have some really developed calf muscles, because Ronaldo has great calf muscles, he is able to jump quite high, hardly a defender can match his jumping height and that is why he gets lots of those headers close to the goal.

Amazingly enough, Kaka was the one who did not shine in this match and right after Pelligrini took him off and brought on Guti, Real Madrid’s engine started to kick in and the game completely changed. Real Madrid moved the ball alot quicker after kaka got substituted.

After the second goal, the flood gates really opened up though after the first goal, Xerez looked as if they would easilycaveinbuttheydidnotand