Kaka and Ronaldo(hopefully) are two of the best there are. Perez, You ROCK!!!

Kaka and Ronaldo(hopefully) are two of the best there are. Perez, You ROCK!!!

First of all. All hail Real Madrid and Florentino Perez for signing two of the best players in the world. KAKA and most certain Cristiano Ronaldo but for a hefty sum of 142 million pounds, though Perez says that it can be recovered.

What concerns me more is that there are so many other options that are available this summer and Perez just does not seem interested to take advantage of them. We need to sign defensive players and I was glad to hear that Perez has interest’s in both Maicon (a right back, so this could potentially mean that Sergio Ramos would play in the centre along with Pepe which would make Real Madrid an all out attacking team) and none other than Clichy.

I have been a big fan of Clichy since I saw him play in a Arsenal match against Manchester United and he actually had a full dead straight burn out with Ronaldo and guess what, he got ahead of Ronaldo and stole the ball from this. He has explosive pace and can be the new Roberto Carlos minus the Bazooka left foot.

The news that concerns me the most is that Real Madrid are willing to sell Van Nistelrooy for 1.5 million euro to some EPL clubs. That is just ridiculous to say the least. I mean, I know he is old, but he does not need any energy like the Brazillian Ronaldo or Drogba so score goals. He is a classic poucher. His skills are his touch and his finishing, both of which improve as you age, on top of that, what is the use of selling him for virtually nothing, it is not like, Van Nistelrooy is asking to leave Real Madrid, so keep him, he is the best striker in terms of Champions League standard(ahh,may be Henry and Eto’o and yeah , Torres too are better).

I think it would be a huge mistake to sell Van Nistelrooy at this stage, he can be a huge asset in the Champions League if Real Madrid want to win it that is. I think Raul should be sold. He is just passed it plus, others are now better than him.

Then I hear that he wants to bring Villa for like 30 million or something. That is ok too but why miss out on Benzema? so that he also may be snapped up by Manchester United and then we buy him for another 100 million like with Ronaldo.

Some of you may not remember but Manchester United offered Cristiano Ronaldo to Barcelona and Real Madrid for 20 million pounds following the accident he had with Wayne Rooney at the World Cup 2006 and now after 3 years, we pay then 80 million pounds for him.

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