backtohaunthimwhenhebecomesthe best midfield in the world in the next couple of years.

I do not understand the people who say that now we do not need any other player as kaka is here. We do not need Cristiano Ronaldo!!! This claim in ridiculous. Real Madrid’s squad is not world class. It may very well be able to win the league but we are thinking about Champions League football here.

I say, we do need Cristiano and we do need VIDIC and we certainly need Ashley Cole (Marcelo is good but again, not really a Champions League player) and plus, we need tooffloadRaul and get benzema for him. This should be the way.

Villa and Silva are good alternatives as they will cost alot less, the way Perez sees it though Valencia have said that they will not sell any of their star players for cheap.

Real Madrid now need to move onto other targets because we are really not up to the mark in terms of Champions League football. Though the luck and the referees have not been on our side for years now in UEFA Champions League, I still think that it is unacceptable for a club like Real Madrid to not progess through the round of 16 for 5 consecutive years.

That is just plain disgusting. Anyway, Kaka’s addition is going to make a hell alot of difference. I think he will always remain a devoted player as he is kind of very religious persons and does not NORMALLY engage himself into the luxuries of being a rich football player and as Antonio Cassano said that “Madrid is not a city to play professionally, it’s life detracts a professional player alot”

Anyway, my personal thanks to Perez for making an imediate impact, so NOT like Calderon who just made promises. HALA MADRID.