Well for Real Madrid it has just started. The season is over and I do apologize for the 3 month gap between my last post and this one but you know, the circumtances got so bad for Real Madrid that I was really never up for updating the blog. You know what I am saying. I mean, ok, I admit it. I am a Sore SORE looser.

I cannnot stand Real Madrid loose and especially at the expense of Barcelona. This season would have been pretty ok for me had Barcelona not done the treble, which they did (first time in Spanish History by the way, which sucks). Real Madrid got thrashed by Barcelona 2-6 at home. Biggest defeat in recent times for Real Madrid.

And, as a sore looser, I will always support Real Madrid no matter what. I have seen the goals. Two were definitely offside and the first Henry goal was a complete fluke. There is no way he could have wanted to hit that ball that close to Casillas.

That’s 3 goals down which makes the scoreline 2-3 to Barcelona. And the one that Messi scored, it was purely of Diarra’s mistake (who has actually been voted as the surprise player of LA LIGA 2008-2009). He back passed straighttoMessi and Messi usually scores by beating half the opposition players, how difficult do you think was for him to be one on one with Iker Casillas.

So just like the away game at Barcelona. Real Madrid have only themselves to blame for their losses and yeah guess what, I think Real Madrid did not win a game after that. Lost 5 games in a row to close off the season. Humiliating defeats against Valencia and Villareal.

But now everything has changed. Barcelona may be the kings of Europe (by literally cheating on Chelsea, there is no way Chelsea could have been denied those 3 penalties, not in a million years) but as